Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lemonade Stand - New Graphics

 Exciting news: Lemonade Stand now has new graphics! The background image has not only been redrawn (thanks to JT) but we have 3 different versions for each of the weather conditions: hot, nice, and cloudy (above images left to right). I really like the new background and think it really adds to the overall feel to the game. I like having icons the represent the stock but I think some of them are difficult to recognize. The lemon icon came out really well but JT is going to change the cup icon to show only one cup and we aren't really sure what to use as an icon for sugar (any ideas anyone?).One of the things that I would still like to see changed is to separate the "Buy Options" and "Day Log" into separate fields. Putting them together makes too much text in one place. This should be fixed when we implement the buy options in our new shop view:

This is a diagram that we created yesterday for how we want to layout the new shop menu. The menu has 3 components: tabs on the top to select type of things to buy, icons in the center for what is currently available to buy, and a shopping card on the bottom to keep track of what you have already selected. A large factor in this layout was making it easily expandable as the game expands. With tabs for multiple types of items we can add recipes, tool, etc. in the future. The shopping cart will allow users to keep track of all of the things they are buying without looking at each tab. I really like the new design and hopefully we (JT) can get it done before we release in a couple weeks.

As always, let me know what you think!