Friday, October 8, 2010

Lemonade Stand - Money Images

This is a prototype image of my idea for money counting. The design is supposed to represent a cash register where a player manages their money. In this design I didn't really show what values the user enters and what values are calculated automatically but I figure those can be customized based on difficulty level. The user would definitely enter the amounts of each coins but the amount of math they are required to perform can vary. The right side of the cash register is set up like a typical addition problem so it will hopefully be a familiar format. As always, your feedback is welcome!


  1. I think modeling it as a cash register is brilliant. Keep in mind that in some places, kids may not have seen a cash register before (they may keep money in a roll, or a purse, or something) but the layout is sufficiently logical that I think it'll be easy to follow.

    If there is screen space, being able to click to expand the picture to show the actual number of coins so really young kids can visually count it (for instance, if you clicked on the quarter in the image at top, you'd see a picture of 3 quarters) might be an interesting feature, though I'm not sure if the interface would have room.

  2. Another comment is are you guys moving to a mouse clicking interface or still remaining in a keyboard based gui?

    Either way you could add little + and - boxes next to each currency increment so they can toggle up and down so they don't have to use an ugly number input box. This could also encourage them to use the right amounts as they wouldn't want to click the penny 25 times.