Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lemonade Stand - Updated Goals

This week the Lemonade Stand group met (Nate, JT, and myself) and revised our goals for the quarter. It is almost half way through week 7 (out of only 10 weeks) so we have about 4 weeks of class left to work on our project. One of the main things we discussed is what we could realistically get done over the next 4 weeks. Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to get nearly as much accomplished as we originally set out to do at the beginning of the quarter because 1) we overestimated the amount of time we would be able to dedicate to the project (all of us have other classes) and 2) we underestimated the complexity of the new features we wanted to add to the game.

With the limited time left we have decided to focus more on making the existing game and its features more user friendly verses adding new features. Sadly, this means that the money counting system will not be implemented (one of my favorite features). One of our shorterm goals is creating a new background image and having 3 different versions to indicate the 3 weather conditions (hot, nice, and rainy). This will give a visual indicator of the weather instead of just a single line of text. We will also be working on making a visual interface for the store where a player buys their daily supplies.

Right now our biggest problem is that we are stalled by a need for art assets. The main improvements that we will be working on will be improving the usability of the game which requires a lot of updating to the GUI. The code base is pretty much established so there isn't a whole lot to do with updating the code so that kind of limits our progress. Hopefully we will be able to come up with some other tasks to do in the meantime to improve the game.

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