Thursday, October 14, 2010

Usability Testing - Eye Tracking

I just found out that we might get a chance to test our games with actual kids at the end of the quarter. I love kids so I am very excited about the chance to hang out with kids and get their feedback on our game. We will hopefully be going to a 4th grade math class to allow the students to try out our games.

I am also considering the possibility of using eye tracking to do some usability tests on our game. I have worked in the Multidisciplinary Visual Research lab here at RIT for a couple years so I have a lot of experience using eye tracking. For those who do not know what eye tracking is (I am assuming that is most people) the general idea is to be able to pinpoint exactly where a person is looking as they do a task. We usually use eye tracking to understand how people are processing stimuli in ways that they may not think about and often cannot vocalize. Using eye tracking while a person is playing Lemonade Stand could be helpful for usability testing in that we can see what areas they are looking at for game controls. Part of our current goals involve completely redesigning the interface so seeing how a user processes the game could be helpful.

I am not sure how feasible it would be to use eye tracking with getting people in the lab and also using the Sugar OS with the eye tracking software (eye trackers are incredibly finicky) but it would definitely be a great tool if we can work out the details.

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